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Lighting control helps make your home more secure. Your custom installer can automate the lights in your home to come on when you are vacationing (or away a work), so your home appears occupied. Hear a noise at night? A button on your remote can be programmed to activate strategically located lights for added safety. The benefits of lighting control go well beyond controlling the beauty and ambiance of your surroundings. You’ll save electricity and light bulbs. Dimming a bulb just 25% saves 20% of the associated energy cost, and can make bulbs last up to six years. Ambience, security and energy savings: three great reasons to install URC Lighting Control by Lutron.

Once you’ve experienced the ease and enjoyment of adjusting your lights from your remote control you will want lighting control in every room of your house. URC offers a complete line of products including in wall dimmers, switches and lamp dimmers for all of your lighting needs. All are manufactured by Lutron Electronics, the best name in the business.


URC Lighting Control by Lutron offers a simple, cost effective way to control the lighting in any room. The system provides “Native Control” with any compatible URC remote, which means that you do not need any additional “black boxes” or special wiring. Use the same remote control to dim the lights and start the movie—-nowthat’s convenience!

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